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How does a man transform into a sexy girl or even a living rubber doll? The Rubber Sisters Monica and Jacline make it possible! About ten years ago, we developed a special, ingenious way to transform a man very believe worthy into a woman. After many requests from interested people, we decided to offer our self-developed products for sale. Since February 2009 the 2nd-skin online shop exists successfully with handmade transformation products made from latex and silicone. The extremely realistic skin tone of the silicone enables a very authentic transformation, whereby latex also satisfies the material-fetish. A complete transformation-set consists of female mask, bodysuit, hip shaping pants, corset and prosthetic breasts. With that, almost everybody can be turned into a sexy female. The very realistic female face-mask “Gloria, Dita, Veronica and Petra” are made to measure, and have a subtle, base make-up, which can be enhanced and changed by the customer with regular make-up. The whole-bodysuits get shaped through the silicone figure pants or the inflatable latex pants and with prosthetic breasts. The perfect female waist comes from a specially developed, very flat underneath-corset. The pre-formed breasts in the suit can be filled with different sizes of prosthetic breasts. That way, everyone can put together a combination according to their own personal desires. With this realistic and authentic female transformation, you can move around naturally looking like a woman. Our own passion motivates us to constantly develop new products that will make this transformation even more perfect. In our “Rubbersisters experience”, we pass on our knowledge, offer help and give the possibility to live out phantasies. At our websites rubbersisters und magicsisters you can see picture and video stories related to the theme. You can meet us personally at our own stand on international events and fetish-expositions or at our pop-up shops.
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Hi Sisters, it came in yesterday AND I LOVE IT! It's a lot easier to get on than I imagined, and OOOOHH, does it feel good! I was in it for hours last night. And Jacline, thank you so much for being so careful about my measurements. It fits PERFECTLY. If you want something made right, go with Germany. You have a very happy customer here. I definitely want more Rubber Sisters stuff. You're the BEST.

Warmest Regards, Corinne

Hallo liebe Jacline, vielen Dank für den sensationellen Inhalt Eures Päckchens. Warum habe ich die nicht schon eher bestellt?! Sie sind Weltklasse und tragen sich absolut genial. Herzlichen Dank! Ich wünsche Euch ein frohes Osterfest.

Liebe Grüße Ralf

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