• Rubber Nurses 2

    Rubber Nurses 2

    Update 2019-01-19
    Category Videoclip

    Monica has to be the volunteer for this medical exercise. She has to lie down and nurse Fetilicious is climbing over her to insert the security stuff. Nurse Jacline is supporting the movement with adding lots of lubrication to achieve a good friction. With a massager device she improves the result.

  • Pony Sisters 2

    Pony Sisters 2

    Update 2019-01-09
    Category Transformation

    The kinky pony transformation of the rubber sisters comes to the final. The Riding Mistress Bijou plugged the well rounded butts with ponytails and put a tied head harness over the female mask. Now the 2 ponys are ready for their first training lesson.

  • House Cocktail

    House Cocktail

    Update 2018-12-29
    Category Videoclip

    The barmaids Fetilicious and Jacline expect guests at her location. Christel is comming and orders the famous house cocktail. The girls know the recipe for this special cocktail and make it fresh. Amazing how quick the guest is ordering another one. Cheers, we wish you all a happy new year.

  • Rubber Nurses

    Rubber Nurses

    Update 2018-12-19
    Category Videoclip

    All nurses to the nurses station... sounds from the speacker. Nurse Monica prepares the bed for the upcoming medical exercise. Nurse Fetilicious check the equipment and nurse Jacline check the respirator for oxygen feed function. The team has to praxis the necessary treatments with the maximum safety.

  • Red Rubber

    Red Rubber

    Update 2018-12-08

    Monica loves the colour red and also inflatable rubber figure suits. She wears the suit the whole day while waiting for Santa Claus. She is already very excited what presents he will bring her this year.

  • Update 2019-01-23

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